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A1A Analysis
Corridor Alignments
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Sept '14
DRAFT Plans Shts 1-8

Sept '14
DRAFT Plans Shts 9-16

Sept '14
DRAFT Plans Shts 17-24

Sept '14
DRAFT Plans Shts 25-33

A1A Analysis
Corridor Alignments:

Dec '13
Patrick Air Force Base

Dec '13
Base to One-Way Pairs

Dec '13
One-Way Pairs to
Cocoa Beach City Limits

Dec '13
Cape Canaveral

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Dec '13
A1A Presentation

A1A Update, August 2013

January 2013
A1A Multimodal Corridor
Planning and Engineering
Analysis Phase I – Outreach and Assessment Summary Report

December 20th, 2012
A1A Action Team Meeting Presentation

October 17th, 2012
A1A Corridor Charette Presentation




























Introduction & Purpose

" The vision of the A1A Multimodal Planning and Engineering Analysis is to have a corridor that functions as a safe and efficient multimodal corridor that connects and supports the economic viability of several communities. The corridor should be aesthetically pleasing while providing a sense of community through innovation, design and connectivity."

SR A1A is an important community resource both in terms of the roadway’s mobility and its function as the main economic lifeline of Brevard County’s coastal communities.  SR A1A connects and provides access to the County’s important economic and employment centers: Cape Canaveral Space Port, Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, Patrick Air Force Base, and its beaches.  SR A1A is also a designated national scenic byway and serves as the spine of one of the region’s environmental treasures, the Indian River Lagoon.  The corridor is heavily associated with Florida beach culture and is the community’s access to beautiful scenery and ocean vistas.  It is also a hurricane evacuation route, as well as an important commuter corridor for local residents.

The SR A1A Multimodal Corridor Planning and Engineering Analysis project was initiated based on activities of the A1A Action Team, consisting of a group of organizations, businesses and residences along the SR A1A Corridor. The project was further molded by the Space Coast TPO to combine planning and design efforts to provide a more efficient project delivery process. By combining the planning and engineering/design components in a project of this magnitude, this effort is unique.  The results are anticipated to include a consensus on potential improvement strategies that can be implemented by a variety of groups and agencies.

The A1A Action Team is working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to address locally identified transportation, community planning and urban design issues.  Preliminary projects identified by the A1A Action Team include corridor beautification, wayfinding signage, undergrounding of utilities, traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle facility enhancements, improved transit service, intersection improvements and several other infrastructure improvements.

A1A Streetscape

Current Activity

In Phase I, the Kimley-Horn and Associates (KHA) team, completed an assessment of the A1A corridor's existing conditions and solicited the opinions of the A1A community. A synopsis of the information gathered and recommendations of the community and FDOT can be viewed by clicking here.

The KHA team has commenced work on Phase II of the A1A Multimodal Improvement Corridor project concentrating on the following specific deliverables:

Research, Field Work & Assessment

Over the Summer of 2012 the Kimley-Horn and Associates team researched, documented and assessed the A1A corridor, reviewed crash data, photographed the corridor and reviewed previous reports, studies and documents. Site documentation included parking inventory, signage inventory, posted speed limits, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and bus stop locations. The information gained through these activities was presented at the October 17th A1A Corridor Charette.

Project LogoAction A1A Logo

Thank you to all that participated in helping to shape the project logo for the A1A Multimodal Corridor Planning & Engineering Analysis project. The logo shown at the right is the result of the comments received through the Branding Exercise Survey conducted in August 2012.

For More Information

For additional information on the project or items contained in this update please contact Ginger Corless at or at 407.616.5500 or John Moore at or 407.482.7882.Logo FDOT